About us

About us

Helping you realise your dream with excellence and expertise

The right choice in education can transform your career and prepare you for getting employed in your dream job. Whatever the reasons, going abroad is every aspiring youth’s dream today. At BullsEye, we strive to provide high-quality client service. Our organization aims at assisting and creating great opportunities for clients to move to the country of their choice. We also provide complete and impartial information on immigration and education options abroad.

IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, MET, MELAB, Duo lingo – there is a long list of internationally acknowledged tests to assess our abilities of English reading, writing, listening and speaking. We need to understand that our holistic approach towards the language learning will sharpen our skills as no single module exists independent of the other. Hence English needs to be learnt and taught with almost equal focus on each module.

We're ready to share our advice and experience.

As fundamentals of English language learning are incorporated in our schools’ syllabi and its learning system, there is hardly any serious impediment in crossing the minimum level bar and reach the pinnacle if the learner shows the requisite interest and commitment to learn.

Good Listeners

We are good listeners! We understand the distress you might face when you apply for a visa. We patiently listen and answer all your queries whether they are on call, mail, or in person.

Transparent Approach

We make sure that any information provided to you is accurate and consistent with your profile. We provide you with all the required services which we convey during the profile evaluation process.

Expert Advice

BullsEye’s expert team is experienced and knowledgeable in dealing with all issues of our clients. We keep our agents and consultants constantly updated to gain experience on the updating rules, regulations.

Reasonable Fee

We have a reasonable fee structure and are against any hidden charges. Therefore you can always have the trust that your money is in safe hands.


We understand the trust you put in us and to establish respect for the clients we ensure to incorporate professionalism in all dealing, from keeping our commitment to appointments to documenting every conversation on emails for long-term tracking.

Successful Track Record

With dedicated and experienced experts in our team, we have a 100% success track record. Our expert services and the advice we offer have earned us great client trust.

What We Offer


Our coaching classes are designed in a way which nurture love for language learning and encourages the development of language skills that have broad applicability. We ensure that explaining the understanding of any concept is fundamental in our tutoring style and being able to communicate effectively with the students is imperative.